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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: touring w/hyde, gackt, and miyavi
Print preference: hideto
Favourite genre of music: stuff w/imbedded engrish
Favourite style of art: pixie-chan's
Operating System: gateway tablet pc
Wallpaper of choice: takarai
Favourite cartoon character: Zabuzly Wonder
Personal Quote: hadouken...shoooooooouryuken
warning: spoilers and long rant ahead. pls turn back now.

k, iono why authors always do that, they kill off my fave characters. first zabuza...then deidara...itachi...hidan...k, i know hidan didnt technically die, but still he's not there anymore, so yah.

and it's not only kishimoto, takahashi did that, too! with yami marik. yay woopti-do, goodboymarik is still there, but who cares bout him, gimme the badass yami marik!

and darth maul, iono why he had to die. freaking obiwan is a joke compared to him...btw, did anybody notice how hidan's moves are kinda like darth maul's? in the beginning, the opening sequence, when hidan swishes his scythe around, omg reminded me so much of (that hot badass mofo!!!) darth maul.

and visser three (aka visser one), technically he became emperor by default, since his superiors died...but the humans captured him? yah right. visser three is visser three, silly humans can't capture him.

and mewtwo! what is with nintendo deleting him from super smash brawl?? why! that's so retarded, he's my fave character, he's so bad, he's too good to clap, aww mewtwo...but of course they keep boringass mario in it, pah!

and voldemort. i still think he should've won. and why kill off snape? that was pointless. (heh heh, at least lucius didnt die^^)

hopper (from bug's life) got eaten by a bird. hades lost. the grinch turned gay.

o and the same actor who does voldie also played this nazi in schindler's list, omg he was so hot. but i think he lost, too!

what is with this. all my fave characters lose!

shikamaru? iono why ppl are so impressed by him, he's not even goodlooking. so if anything, shikamaru should get kicked out, just cuz he's ugly, and not hidan!!! itachi should win, cuz he's prettier than sasugay. zabuza is not exactly prettyboy, but his muscles are nice (woo!), therefore he should stay, vs wimpy naruto. and deidara is a lot prettier than naruto, too! sasori is pretty, definitely prettier than chiyo.

so ok, they make the bad guys sooo pretty, i get wait that's not accurate. just cuz they're pretty doesnt mean i like them. look at haku, he's pretty, but he's not a bad guy, therefore he's boring. bakura is pretty too, but he's just not bad enough. not compared to yami marik. it's cuz yami marik is crazy, vs bakura is just bad. hidan is also crazy (yay!!!!!!<3)

k, the end

ps. i am gonna be so pissed if rido-sama dies.
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Let us pray for the day, when this artists will come here to stay.
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You were one of my favorite deviants and now youre not here and i cant watch your awesome flashes anymore. ill watch anyway... maybe one day youll come back D: :heart:
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btw i love you ^.^
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OMG I FOUND THE CREATOR OF THE AKATSUKI SAILOR SONG! *in awe*... I love you for it! it has been playing non-stop for the pass 2 DAYS!! <3<3<3<3:dance:
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You been gone since 2008... where'd you go? D8
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